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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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talefrom silicon valley. he is looking for a home base for his new web startup and is having trouble setting up shop in silicon valley. >> i was trying my best to get something started in u.s. career jobs here. i studied here. i wanted to contribute to the community here. but it's been extremely hard because of the current visa rules. >> reporter: with challenges getting h1b visas to bring in advanced engineering talent from india to the u.s. canada caught his eye and it's no accident. canada is actively recruiting entrepreneurs to move north. >> i'm not going to apologize. if you can't figure out your immigration system, we're going to invite the best and brightest to come north of the border. >> reporter: you must think you have something up. we do. a great quality of life. pristine environment, big cosmopolitan cities. >> reporter: the transportation minister plans to throw the bait out at this conference. there are 3,000 attendees at
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the conference in santa clara and a third of them are company founders and that's why the canadian immigration minister is coming here to fish. anna measure kooyman has 100 employees and plans to add 60 more this year at its engineering consulting firm. would you like to ask the minister a question? >> yes. mr. kenny, how easy would it be to get our team to relocate from india or the u.s. to canada? >> we have a very big and flexible immigration system. you know? we welcome highly talented bright young people especially. so i guess the answer, pretty easy. a lot easier than in the u.s. >> i would take a chance and move to canada. try it out for a year and see -- because actually, this is closer proximity to the u.s. and might be in the same time zone. our dreams might come true there. >> reporter: he can speak with the immigration minister here all weekend long. you know, the irony is,
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elizabeth, he actually went to usf. so when i asked him, don't you feel a little guilty? said nope. all's fair in business. >> all's fair in love and war. there you go. >> reporter: yeah. >> they make it sound like it's so easy. but is it just as simple as moving up there? >> reporter: no. you can't just go and set up shop. you actual will have to have investment dollars from a canadian investor. that makes sure that the companies moving up have support and a plan and have long-term plans to stay there. they are going to hear the locals. so very interesting to see -- to hire the locals. so very interesting to see what happens here. tonight, new numbers paint a brighter picture for the financial health of california. the state's independent budget analyst says california will take in $3.2 billion more than the governor estimated. earlier this week governor brown was putting a more cautious tone to his revised budget. >> not a lot of money here, folks. we have climbed out of a hole
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with a proposition 30 tax. that's good. but this is not the time to break out the champagne. >> the governor says extra money should be spent on education. assembly speaker john perez says the extra money should not be seen as an automatic green light to increase spending. the state's jobless rate is the lowest it's been in 4.5 years. the unemployment rate dropped .4% last month to 9%. california added more than 10,000 jobs. a lot of those gains are here in the bay area. contra costa and alameda counties added 2100 new positions. san francisco, san mateo, marin counties added 4100 jobs. the america's cup was supposed to bring us excitement. but tonight it's delivering a boatload of innational intrigue thanks to the italians. >> i think it's normal for them to come when there's trouble. >> reporter: in front of his
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yacht, patrizio bertelli addressed the race that's suddenly become deadly serious. >> in america's cup it has always been its ups and downs but certainly what has happened is much more serious. >> reporter: earlier in the day at an undisclosed location, all four america's cup teams met to discuss possible racing changes following the death of sailor andrew simpson last week when the swiss team's ac-72 split apart on san francisco bay. the italians are rolling out a host of new safety measures but when it comes to racing conditions, the water gets a little murky. >> we wanted to also have wind limits in the race. >> reporter: the problem? the review committee formed after the accident says it doesn't have the authority to change the rules. that's up to the teams. and one team gets more say than the others. >> you know, larry ellison and his team oracle is obviously the loudest voice in the room. >> reporter: but the italians want an agreement on wind limits among all of the teams
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and time is running short. any more problems or delays could threaten that schedule and a massive investment in the race itself. >> we are not here to produce a show. >> reporter: and listen to bertelli's response when asked about the america's cup television schedule. >> direct your questions to larry ellison. >> reporter: a shot across the bow from the italians as we sail one day closer to a race that is already producing plenty of drama. >> between a quarter and half billion dollars spent on this effort. the tv contracts are in place. but we will have an america's cup here in the city. >> so the race will go on with the ac-72s. after the italians held their press conference, america's cup organizers released a statement saying that the review committee hopes safety recommendations will be accepted by all teams and they appreciate mr. bertelli's input. a long-time worker at the port of oakland was killed on the job this afternoon when his truck plunged into the bay. the coast guard says the pickup
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went off berth 30 just before 2:00. authorities are checking to see if something knocked the truck into the water. the victim's name hasn't been released yet but coworkers say he is a 79-year-old man who had worked at the port for more than 5 decades. >> he was like a dad to all of us. it's a very, very sad thing that should not have happened. and it's an accident. and we will be investigating. >> port of oakland will be shut down for the next 24 hours while investigators look into what happened. the key to solving a double homicide in oakland last night could lie in clues from witnesses as well as surveillance video from oracle arena. two warriors fans were just five miles from the arena traveling along interstate 880 when they were shot and killed by another driver. kpix 5's da lin live in oakland with what they know at least about the victims at this point. da. >> reporter: allen, police don't think this was a road rage incident because too many
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shots were fired at the porsche, the victims' car, according to police officers. that led them to believe that something happened here at the arena that led to the shooting on the freeway. the two victims attended last night's game and after the game ended as they were driving home, police say someone drove up next to the victims' porsche and started shooting at them. police say both the driver and the passenger of this white porsche were shot multiple times. the porsche slammed into the guardrail ejecting the passenger, who was then hit by at least one vehicle. chp officers found the driver also dead in the car. >> it does not appear to be a random act because of the way --of the proximity of the rounds hitting the car. there are no reports of any shots being fired from the white porsche towards this other vehicle. >> reporter: this is one of many shell casings found in northbound 880. police believe a dark suv pulled up to the white porsche and started shooting when the cars reached the jackson street on-ramp.
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this man heard the gunshots. >> it was like pow, pow, pow. pow-pow-pow-pow. really loud. >> reporter: police believe the gunmen targeted the victims. they don't have a motive or suspect description. they closed the northbound direction of 880 for several hours to look for evidence and interview witnesses. fans on the way home were stuck on the freeway. >> i think they are cowards for shooting on the freeway. >> reporter: authorities haven't released the victims' names saying only that the driver was in his 30s and the passenger in his 20s. both contra costa county residents. they apparently had on the yellow warriors t-shirts given out at last night's game. the 2010 porsche is registered to this bay point address. oakland police will look at surveillance video at the arena and at the coliseum. they have a lot of tape to go through. they want to see if the victims had any arguments either inside the arena or out here in the parking lot before the shooting.
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allen? >> you know, da, with all the people there, the sold-out game and all the people who were around these fans at the game but then they are all getting in their cars, pushing on to 880, haven't they gotten any information out of people yet? >> reporter: they have gotten some leads, they said. but they are still looking for more folks to come forward. and also, you'll remember that the passenger was struck by at least one vehicle on the freeway. they are still looking for that vehicle. they said it was some kind of box truck. that box truck did not stop so they are looking for that driver trying to get some information from that driver, as well. >> thank you, da lin in oakland. other bay area headlines. two suspects are in custody after a traffic stop in castro valley evolved into a shooting. a sheriff's deputy opened fire at the car after one of the suspects tried to drive away late last night. that suspect is in critical condition.
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the other suspect was arrested right away. police initially stopped the car because it had a stolen license plate. a traditional islamic funeral was held for the grandson of malcolm x in oakland. 28-year-old malcolm shabazz was killed in mexico city last week. he was baiten to death by two -- beaten to death by two waiters over a $1,200 bar tab. a private funeral and burial will be held in new york. each watching them on television but you want to see what it looks like for real. >> the amgen tour kicks off in california. why an upscale bay area community wants to ban bicyclists from riding into town. >> i just remember looking at it and thinking, this is the most absurd invoice i have ever seen in my life. >> have you ever signed up for service and paid way more than you thought you would? how some credit card users found thousands of dollars missing from their accounts. >> another dry day throughout the bay area. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is completely dry. some of you haven't seen rain all month. is there any rain in the
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extended forecast? maybe for you in oakland? i have that seven-day coming up in a few minutes. >> and coming up at 6:30, who tops the ticket list? we crunch the numbers. the bay area cities where you're most and least likely to get nabbed for speeding. ,,,, for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages...
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adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories...
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the annual amgen tour of california... a small commu is considering a ban on cycs who cut through their town there's more than 100 cyclists making their way through the bay area on the amgen tour of california one small community considering a ban on cyclists who cut through their town. ken bastida in contra costa county in mobile5. >> reporter: we are in the town of diablo. a lot of people don't know about diablo. it's inunincorporated contra costa county. it's exclusive. homes here can go in the tens
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of millions of dollars without a problem. it is also become a favorite for out of town bicyclists who want to go up mount diablo cutting through this community upsetting residents. the road and police services group will be considering a ban on bikes that don't belong here cutting through the exclusive community. allen wadsworth doesn't like the ban idea after living here 40 years. >> no problem with the bikes at all. >> reporter: you think it's a little elitist of them to try to kick bikes out? >> it's just self-interest. just -- they are following their own comfort level. they don't want to share the road with anybody. i mean, if they could have the road all to themselves, no other cars, why, they'd do it. >> reporter: so a lot of the residents say those complaints are legitimate. there are a lot of bikes that ride together. they block the road here. there are some safety problems
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with people going through stop signs without looking and interfering with the residents who are driving these narrow roads. sal gallagher says that he knows there's a problem but says they police it pretty well right now. >> actually, about three, four months ago they parked a chp inside a diablo neighborhood and there's a guy standing out there. and as every biker ran a stop side he gave every one a ticket three weekends in a row just staking out a stop sign. >> reporter: you're a bike liede -- bik lied rider. >> half the neighbors don't stop at the stop sign. >> reporter: so the big irony is that the amgen tour will be going up mount diablo about 200 yards behind this house. there will be thousands of people out here many on bikes, many of them in this community once again. live from mount diablo, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. back to you. >> shadow of the mountain. all right, ken, thanks. meanwhile the amgen tour of
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california zoomed through san jose this afternoon. bikers kicked off a 19.6-mile course at the ibm silicon valley lab on bailey avenue and headed for the finish line at santa clara county motorcycle park on metcalf road. len ramirez on why the tour has a hangover this year. reporter: the color and excitement of professional road cycling has returned to the bay area. >> i like racing better than ballgames. >> fun watching them on television but you want to see what it looks like for real. >> reporter: the amgen tour of california rolled into san jose for an individual time trial, the so-called race against the clock. but after doping scandals involving lance armstrong and other past champions, is cycling going through its own trials in the court of public opinion? >> what can i say? lance [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: cycling fans say the scandals have affected the sport. >> it's hurting, but it's recuperating very slowly about it. >> reporter: although the crowd seemed smaller this year, tour
6:17 pm
organizers say cycling still enjoys strong fan support. but the fans have to trust that the riders are clean. >> we have always maintained the strictest anti-doping policies here. we exceed a lot of the protocols for even the european races. the sport has changed. >> reporter: the amgen tour is the biggest race of its kind in the united states and 100 california cities have asked to host a start or finish in next year's race. the fans who have stuck with the sport through good times and bad say they will be back. >> i was watching that 50 years ago and i intend to watch until i die. >> reporter: fans say they are sticking with their sport the way baseball fans stuck through their sport when it had the steroids scandals. their only hope is that the sport has finally hit rock bottom and is now only on the way up. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. no doubt we'll have a great weather weekend to watch all of that. but it's going to be hot in some places. really hot. >> we are going to get toasty. we are going to be pushing 90. it will be a big difference
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from the past couple of days which is the 60s and 70s. we are going to get close knocking on the 90s door. i'll let you know when coming up. there is a sneak peek. inland communities will get quite warm. that's a view from dublin where it's breezy. you see the trees blowing around a bit looking toward mount diablo where we'll have that race this weekend. gilroy close to 80 today. but you're the exception to the rule. the rule was around 70. livermore 70. sonoma 73. san rafael 68. oakland 66 and san francisco once again another chilly day courtesy of the onshore flow 61 degrees. we are dry in san francisco all the way north to santa rosa all the way down to santa cruz. beautiful weekend at the beach, as well. now, it does rain in may not this may not so far but we have had as much as 4" of rain in may 1925 the wettest may. we are not going to get that wet this may. i don't think we'll see rain for the next 10 days because high pressure is building back in. where it is raining, seattle, portland, olympia, it is
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raining even as about an hour north of vegas with some thunderstorms and salt lake city because of the low pressure system that's moving away from us. so what's moving in? it's a big bubble of higher pressure that's sinking air. clouds are formed when the air goes up. you get the opposite of that you're not going to have much cloud cover. so we're not going to see much over the weekend. mainly sunny skies. as high pressure gets closer we'll get warmer especially on sunday and monday where inland communities if you live out there will be out there. close to 90 degrees. say good-bye to that. we are going to get much cooler toward the million of next week as low pressure develops to the north enhancing the onshore flow. temperatures are going up and then down. part of the up process is am to. livermore up to 77 which is average. san jose up to 74. downtown san francisco 65. fremont 69 degrees. oakland and san rafael tomorrow low to mid-70s with sunshine. but look at the jump on sunday and monday. upper 80s inland, upper 70s near the bay and close to 70 at the coastline before we cool off middle of next week. so if you like it cooler, tomorrow is your weekend day, like it warmer i suggest sunday. a little bit of something for
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jon something for everyone. i i like to. >> we aim to please. you know, mother nature trying to dish it out for all of us. >> equal opportunity. >> thank you. the convenience of credit cards can cost you in ways you never thought. how some people found thousands of dollars missing from accounts. what the company that took the money says it's rightfully there. >> reporter: mobile weather rolls up outside registration for the 101-year-old bay to breakers race. we'll take you where the excitement is building and, of course, talk about the weather as the news continues right here on kpix 5. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. as of now, the countdown to labor day is still on. we're watching and keeping you updated on the progress at the new eastern span. look at 'em.
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but instead companies hosting events found thousands missing from their accounts. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains the company that took the money that took the money says it has every right to keep it all thanks to the fine print. >> i just remember looking at it and thinking, this is the most absurd invoice i have ever seen in my life. >> reporter: sylvia ramirez events manager for susan g. komen expected great things from credit card machine >> they were so nice in the beginning. >> give them a try. i promise you'll be happy. >> reporter: komen expected to pay $760 for the credit card machines for the race for the cure but after returning the company unexpectedly deducted 20 times that from the nonprofit bank account citing cleaning, repair, shipping and $15,750 for days in repair. in all, more than $16,000. >> these costs are ridiculous! you know, you're charging us
6:24 pm
$2,600 to repair one machine when on the contract it clearly states that one machine is valued at $1,100. >> reporter: and susan g. komen isn't alone. >> four, five different companies have contacted us to say that they have had the same issues. >> reporter: amber fitzsimmons says her event marketing company show max was hit with more than $14,000 in unexpected charges from credit card machine and even worse, she says the money was deducted from her account with no warning. >> in the contract it says if there are repairs, that they would let us know in a prompt manner. no one called us. >> reporter: she says like komen, it was only after her company called them to find out why thousands had been deducted from its account that the company informed them the machines were damaged. something its ceo denies. >> look, i appreciate that somebody is unhappy they got charged a large fee. >> reporter: they weren't notified. >> according to them they think they weren't notified. that's fine. >> reporter: jeremy roberts points out all the potential fees are laid out in the contract but his critics counter the big one is buried
6:25 pm
in the fine print. $175 per terminal per day in repair. multiply that by 90 days for komen and 76 for showmax and both companies ended up paying more than the contract says the machines are even worth. >> that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: roberts says his utah-based company must ship the machines to california for repairs. and he loses money every day they're gone. >> there's a no-win situation here. i mean, when somebody breaks something and the business and the consumer are both losing money it's bad. >> reporter: despite the repair he gave us like slow printing and power problems komen and showmax deny that it needed repairs. >> the goal isn't getting the money back. it's to shut them down. >> reporter: there is an ongoing police investigation into complaints against the company in utah and we continue to receive complaints from other viewers here. but credit card machine rentals insists that in spite of these and other online complaints, negative feedback is rare.
6:26 pm
this does serve as a good reminder to document the condition of any rental before you return it and as always, read the fine print. julie watts, kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, the ousted irs chairman scolded by congress. >> this is a problem that the irs is too large, too powerful, too intrusive, and too abusive of honest hard working taxpayers. >> how the outgoing head of the agency answered accusations of political bias and deception. breaking news out of connecticut. lots of injuries are reported after two commuter trains collide. >> traffic stop is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> if you drive too fast, what's the chance you'll get a ticket? the bay area cities where you're most and least likely to get nabbed for speeding. ,,,,,,
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now at 6:30: he said he's sorry. but the as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the irs, for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> now at 6:30, he said he is sorry. but the outgoing head of the
6:30 pm
irs still faces the wrath of congress. he told congress today that mistakes at his agency weren't about politics. he faced ferocious questioning from outraged lawmakers. danielle nottingham gives us a taste. >> reporter: the ousted irs chairman faced nearly four hours of scolding for the tax agency's treatment of conservative political groups. >> this is absolutely an overreach and this is an outrage for all america! >> i yield back. >> all right. [ applause ] >> reporter: steven miller apologized for the irs's conduct and insisted agents who gave tougher treatment to tea party groups applying for tax- exempt status did not act out of political bias. >> i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> reporter: lawmakers on the house ways and means committee wanted to know why miller was not up front with them after he found out about it. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the
6:31 pm
american people. >> reporter: some republicans on the committee tried to link the conduct at the irs to the white house. democrats pushed back. >> it is important that in addressing and fully correcting one wrong, we not complete and be involved in other wrongs. >> reporter: the inspector- general who dug into the problems at the irs went over his findings with the committee. >> was the irs using an appropriate criteria in its review of organizations applying for tax-exempt status? yes. >> reporter: but he also testified he found no evidence that politics motivated this improper scrutiny. lawmakers plan more hearings next week and say more people must be held accountable for what happened. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. the president has chosen top white house budget officer daniel werfel to replace miller as acting commissioner at the irs. breaking news out of connecticut. more than 50 passengers hurt when two commuter trains
6:32 pm
collided after one of them derailed. we're told at least four of the injuries are serious. it happened right outside new york city during the friday rush hour commute. about 250 people were on board those two trains. amtrak's investigating to see if the cause is mechanical, accidental or something deliberate. the stock market continued its march higher for a fourth week. the dow and s&p closed at record highs after a measure of consumer confidence rose to its highest level in nearly six years. the hype around the powerball jackpot growing as the winnings climb into breaking number territory today. powerball officials say the grand prize stands at $600 million. the largest in game history are. and that's only going to get larger before tomorrow night's drawing. california recently brought powerball to the state. the jackpot's rapid growth partly attributed to the game's massive popularity here. when it comes to cracking down on speeding, seems like some places are more strict
6:33 pm
than others. the bay area cities you're most and least likely to get a ticket. >> as airlines seem to charge for every little thing, tonight tips to save you money on your summer vacation. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. speeders - watch out. we crunched the numbers to fint where in the bay area.. yo'e most likely to get a speedi ticket. michelle griego breaks it down.. in a story you'll only se speeders, watch out. we crunched the numbers to find out where in the bay area you're most likely to get a speeding ticket. michelle griego breaks it down in a story you'll only see on kpix 5. >> this is the way my day starts at 6 a.m. >> reporter: the officer on the prowl looking for speeders. >> the traffic stop is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> reporter: his patrol area the quiet east bay town of moraga. the violent crime rate is one of the lowest in the state but he says speeders are a problem like this pickup. >> he was speeding at 51 miles an hour. >> reporter: he says he writes three to ten tickets a day. but -- >> no, there's no quotas.
6:36 pm
you're not allowed to issue quotas. >> reporter: as for speed traps. >> we don't have any that i'm aware of. >> reporter: but he took us to one of his favorite hot spots on saint mary's road. >> it's not a speed trap at all. it has a radar survey. >> reporter: that's true. if the road has been surveyed by police as having speeding issues, it's perfectly legal for police to lie in wait. when the speed limit is 35, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. within seconds, the pedal is to the metal. >> i'm going to go up and see if i can get a pace on him. >> reporter: a left-hand turn saved that driver from getting a ticket. he is in the minority. >> go five miles over the limit and you get a ticket. >> got nothing better else to do here. >> reporter: turns out, moraga per capita gives out more speeding tickets than any other town in a kpix 5 survey. we gathered data from 32 cities of all sizes. novato gave out the second most tickets followed by san ramon.
6:37 pm
the city with the fewest speeding tickets, san rafael, 55 speeding tickets for a town of more than 58,000. does that mean there are no speeders in san rafael? >> no. that does not. >> reporter: san rafael police captain says budget cuts are to blame. >> back in 2008, we had seven motor officers. and then in 2011, we had zero. >> reporter: do you think it's an invitation to say there are less police patrolling us so i guess we can speed now? >> i hope not because our officers do work traffic when they have free time. >> i think it's unfortunate if there's obviously a speeding problem and they are not issuing them, i think that would be have to be addressed. >> i think people don't speech as much as the east or south bay. how's that? >> reporter: back in more rag ga, it's business as usual in moraga. this time the officer at another favorite spot a shady pullover on moraga way just past miramonte drive.
6:38 pm
sure, enough, it didn't take long. pulling a u-y, he is off and running. >> is the car registered to you, ma'am? >> reporter: it's a carload of students from saint mary's college. >> apparently i was speeding. i didn't realize i was speeding. >> reporter: who all seemed surprised about the results of our speeding ticket survey. >> i felt moraga was a very slow-moving little town. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they got lucky. no ticket this time. >> definitely having a good attitude helps. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. >> well, to see how your city stacks up, go to our website,, and check out our survey of 32 cities. best answer i ever got on quotas, the traffic cop said nope, we can write as many as we want. the boss of a sonoma county winery will be featured tonight in a special episode of "undercover boss." the president of kyndall jack son winery in santa rosa, last year he went incognito. that episode of "undercover boss" was last year. now he is incorporating
6:39 pm
language lessons to bridge the divide between his workers. >> the great thing that we have done is bringing our english and spanish-speaking employees together for new hire tours and orientation, management classes. >> tonight's special episode of "undercover boss" epic bosses starts at 8:00 right here on kpix 5. summer travel doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. coming up, how strategy could save you a lot of money. >> i might need a little strategy over the weekend because we're clear now and we're going to stay clear am but one weekend day is going to be warmer than the other. we have the forecast coming up. tonight, a son of san francisco, a golfing icon on and off the course, is gone. a last look at the emotion of last night at oracle the end of the warriors play-off run and the sharks in deep six trouble in the nhl stanley cup playoffs. ,,,,
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their methods, like... waitg ute or when is the best time to buy a plane ticket.
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everybody has their methods like waiting to the last minute or planning ahead. which works? kpix 5 reporter mark sayre tells us which way could cost you more this summer. >> runway 3-0 right. >> cleared for take-off 3-0 right american. >> reporter: clear for take-off into the summer skies and less leg room, high fares and all sorts of fees. just ask kristina swindlehurst. >> it means you have to plan in advance for everything. i mean, like even when i fly home from berkeley to san diego, i have to buy my ticket like three or four months in advance in order to get like a decent price on a seat. >> reporter: swindlehurst says she carefully planned this particular trip just to avoid as many bag fees as possible. >> we got --there are two of us, we have four big ones for free and then the rest we're carrying on. >> reporter: with the economy rebounding, planes this summer are expected to be packed. and a survey from the online travel service priceline says all summer months are not created equal when it comes to airfares with july being the highest. helen of san jose's let's travel agrees.
6:44 pm
>> july is kind of a peak time. things are more limited, more expensive. >> reporter: when planes were less full, you might have been able to swoop in at the last minute and book a good airfare as airlines were trying to fill seats. but not anymore. >> people think, i'm going to get that last-minute deal and sometimes they're there, but you know, rule of thumb, not really. >> reporter: frequent travelers try to stick with one airline's loyalty program to offset fees. this flyer says he still has to look hard for good deals. >> but now it's changing so much. it can change every month. the prices change every month. so right now it's confusing. >> reporter: all those fees are certainly adding up. according to the u.s. department of transportation, u.s.-based airlines collected $3.5 billion in baggage fees last year alone just a little less than reservation change fees. reporting from mineta san jose international airport i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> you won't be alone if yo
6:45 pm
travel. a trade group estimates 209 mier tlln vel season. >> a lot of people gearing up to get out of town but this weekend might be a good reason to stay in town. great weather and events. there is no reason to leave the bay area. it's like $150 a fee. don't cancel the flight. just be jealous. it's going to be awesome. the weather is going to be perfect on saturday and sunday. if you like drier weather, we have that. cooler, i suggest tomorrow. it is a cool evening down on the embarcadero and the waterfront. beautiful night lots of tourists in town or maybe you live here and are just making a night in the city a little "stay-cation." it's currently 67 in concord. 66 oakland. still cool in the city breezy too. winds up to 27 miles an hour in san francisco today. currently 60 santa rosa in the upper 60s, san jose 64. our weather is inactive when it comes to rainfall but the weather has been active and deadly in texas. i want to show you video of the clean-up really where do you
6:46 pm
start when you have damage like this? 12 different tornadoes and they were large ones. they were destructive hit many small towns in the dallas/fort worth metro area down there. look at the damage. that's almost indescribeable. everything torn up. folks trying to put their lives back together. 6 people died in the tornado outbreak a couple of nights ago. our weather is calm. we'll have low cloud cover along the coast. pacific down to 50 tonight, vallejo 50,oakland 52, napa and san rafael 47. microclimate forecast take you out along the 680 corridor and alamo mainly sunny skies for you tomorrow. 78. warm on sunday with a high of 85 degrees. the setup in the atmosphere is this. we have a departing area of low pressure and high pressure wanting to move in. and it's going to get here over the week. lots of showers and storms, thunderstorms all around this area of low pressure. but it's moving away from us.
6:47 pm
too far to affect us. onshore flow gets weaker saturday and sunday especially sunday as high pressure builds in. it's going to be sunny and mild, monday warmest when you go back to work pushing 90 inland. then another change as high pressure begins to move out something else has to move in an area of low pressure up over the pacific northwest. they are going to get a lot of rainfall from this. we will not. but what we'll get is an enhanced onshore flow bringing in that pacific ocean influence once again and that's going to drop our temperatures down below normal toward the middle of next week. so what to expect? aside from some clouds at the coastline over the weekend it's going to be sunny great weather for bay to breakers. roberta with a live shot from there coming up in a second. we'll warm up tomorrow and sunday and monday three straight days with weather warmer than the previous day. san francisco 65 tomorrow still chilly but better than today if you like it warm. concord up to 78. san jose you will get up to 74 tomorrow. redwood city 70. los altos 74. los gatos 76. i'm looking at upper 70s for pittsburg, pleasant hill, san
6:48 pm
ramon, beautiful day in dublin with a high of 77. petaluma, sonoma in wine country close to 80. sausalito 65. and san leandro tomorrow 70 degrees with sunshine. much warmer on sunday. staying warm on monday. before that coldown comes, we're not going to leave the comfort zone. cooldown 70s inland and 60s at the bay with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine next week. lots of folks gearing up for sunday's bay to breakers race. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab and roberta gonzales in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: i'm at the place to be tonight. this is the concourse exhibition center where currently mobile weather is reporting 59 degrees. the winds blustery out of the west at 15 miles per hour but if you are a runner this sunday in the 101st running of the bay to breakers, then you must be here tonight or tomorrow to pick up this right here. this is a bib. and this what you need in order to run the race or you are not going to be able to go 7.5 miles across town. to tell us about the
6:49 pm
registration process and what to expect as far as bay to breakers is concern, didi, it's always a pleasure to see you. >> great to be here. >> reporter: tonight only a matter of minutes before this registration closes down. what happens tomorrow? >> tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. here at the concourse center you can register to race sunday. if you haven't done it already there's still time to come down to be part of history in san francisco. >> reporter: how many people are registered so far? >> we're at about 30,000 registrants and then that -- add to that another 50 to 70,000 spectators and fans, you have quite a crowd. >> reporter: you have quite a party is what we're talking about. >> that's right. that's what great about this race. it's for everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete to anyone in between. it's fun for everyone. >> reporter: brief history of the race? >> it started in 1912 right after the 1906 earthquake to get people excited and kind of keep them motivated as the city was getting rebuilt. it grew and grew and grew.
6:50 pm
now one of the largest and longest running foot races in the country. >> reporter: it was the cross- city race to show off san francisco and it's still going on 101 years later and in case you're return you want the weather conditions, it's -- you're running, you want the weather conditions, beautiful, foggy at first, lots of sunshine, climbing to the low 60s. for more, go to and click on "links and numbers." reporting for mobile weather in san francisco for bay to breakers, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
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every hole but 17... harding park... but his legd grew to winning great golfer and announcer passed away. >> you know how these tv things work. you can't tell this guy's story in 20 seconds. >> no. >> so tonight we are going to have kpix 5 golf analyst with his thoughts on ken ventura. legend has it he eagled every hole but 17 at harding park but his legend grew and winning the 1964 u.s. open in a staple in the broadcast booth for cbs spots. ken venturi died this afternoon after a long illness. venturi won 14 pga events and that one major and an injuring- plagued 10-year career nearly won the masters in 1956 as an amateur but here he won the '64
6:54 pm
congressional open in washington, d.c. in 100-degree heat in a 36-hole final. of course many of you remember his 35-year tenure for cbs sports as analyst in the broadcast booth. that's sports broadcasting history. ken venturi was 82 years old as he lost his battle with pneumonia and complications of intestinal and spinal infections down in rancho mirage. on to lightening the mood a little bit. warriors's longest play-off run since 1977 is over. spurs in six games. 94-82. as the upgrade to get to the next level will always have our memories of the dubs last night at "roar-acle" arena. [ applause and cheers ] >> i think we beat a heck of a team and wish them all the best. they were great. [ applause and cheers ] [ chanting ] >> it's hard to mellow out that
6:55 pm
quick. you're still in game mode. it will take a minute to realize, you know, the accomplishments we have made and, you know, for the warriors team to be in this position. it's a good thing. we can build on it next year. >> i can go on and win championships and i will not be prouder of any group that i ever coached than this group. i never had one issue. didn't have one guy with a separate agenda. [ applause and cheers ] >> looking down at this jersey, man, it's just, uhm, a sense of pride that i don't think i have ever felt as a professional. and nothing in my closet is better than what i have on now. >> and when you speak of warriors history, there's no one -- >> everybody who booed him at
6:56 pm
that retirement ceremony owe that is man an apology. >> it was a lot of frustration for many years and, you know, i'm a fan too and i might have booed me. [ laughter ] >> truth of the matter. because, you know, a lot of frustration for a lot of years. i'm just really happy for the fans that we could give them a good product this year and, you know, i'm proud of our guys. i'm proud of what we achieved. >> it's inspiring to think of what we were able to accomplish this year. and the foundation that's been laid. >> i thought we had what it took. we fought the spurs and had a great run. [ inaudible ] [ applause and cheers ] >> hey, the sharks up 3-2 in l.a. trying to clear the puck here.
6:57 pm
but mark edwards have lastic is called for swing into the stands so kings with a two-man advantage and they tie it up right here. logan couture couldn't clear the puck. 22 seconds later lewis nails the game winner and the sharks are down two games to moneys series with game 3 coming up tomorrow night at hp pavilion at 6:00. sharks just haven't caught many breaks at all. >> carter in the shoulder and goes out of play and they will call it penalty. so that's tough. you could see it from the bench. >> in the past this would have probably bothered the team more but with the group of guys we have i think we can recover from this. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
6:58 pm
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